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'Curious' artists currently in Belgrade

Article posted at 2016-02-03 11:50:53

As part of CORNERS, a group of artists under the working title “Curious” are working in Belgrade from the 1st - 10th February. They are exploring the Dor?ol neighbourhood in search of stories, in order to make an alternative tour of the neighbourhood for all who are curious to find out something about what they think they already know. What can a Cyprian filmmaker living in London (Maria Anastassiou), an Italian performer from Taranto (Isabella Mongelli) and a spoiled Dor?ol mouse (Miloš Tomi?) find out in just a week?

With the help of 3 local youngster “pearls”, they will do their best. In fact, they have already met a cleaning lady with plastic baskets, all in different colours, they succeeded in poisoning their stomachs with local food and spend a night in the “Clinic Center” and got the phone of a postman willing to accompany them.

Ukrainian organisations to visit ISIS Arts this Spring

Article posted at 2016-01-26 10:15:26

This March we welcome Ukrainian colleagues from CSM to begin planning for a new transnational collaboration. Along with Congress of Cultural Activists we are researching the development of a new programme to create art works for public space, digital tools to connect people across the borderlands of the European Union and the development of critical writing and publication. The  to our region

CSM are producers of art in public places and their projects draw attention to social and urban conditions that affect communities in Kiev. The Congress of Cultural Activists is a collective of artists, writers, philosophers, filmmakers, architects and financiers from across Ukraine and beyond who came together after the Maidan Revolution in 2014 to promote culture as a vehicle for positive social change.

As we roll towards a referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union this new project offers the space for arts led discourse on the nature and value of European identity.

The research is supported by The British Council and Arts Council England and follows Co Director Clymene's Secondment to Kiev as part of The Bristish Council's Canny Creatives programme.

New projects start in SE Northumberland

Article posted at 2016-01-26 10:13:41

We are delighted to have received an award from Esmée Fairbairn Foundation for a two year project working with young people across South East Northumberland, Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

This new project connects to both our CORNERS and Homelands programmes, linking artists and communities across the region to explore home, belonging, displacement and local democracy.

We are engaging young people as community story-tellers and using journalistic tools to record and share untold stories from local people within their areas, working alongside artists.

Through the project we are generating debate around cultural difference with diverse groups of young people, which is challenging and necessary.  We want this debate to be accessible and visible – through the creation of work for public display and through our digital platform CORNERS Live

This month we begin creative sessions with young adults from Silx Teen Bar in Blyth and NDAS (Northumberland Domestic Abuse Service).  Work created will be showcased alongside our CORNERS event this May 9-22nd.

Our colleagues from bait are supporting this work.

Manchester Meeting – UK’s EU Referendum: A Cultural Response 2

Article posted at 2016-01-26 10:11:32

The year ahead brings a referendum on our membership of the European Union and we’ve been working with Culture Action Europe to highlight what this means to the culture sector in the UK.

There are worries about our sovereignty, our borders and the strain on our country's resources and this malaise is repeated across Europe where, coupled with a rise of the far right, there is a wider disenchantment with the European project. Yet other EU members are not holding a referendum…

Put simply the European Union is a community, a community that you need to be part of to have a voice, a community where resources can be pooled, knowledge shared and our human rights protected.  A community where we have a vote and together we are stronger.

Our human rights are threatened by the voices that see 'terrorists' and 'scroungers' around every corner and the rhetoric of the ‘leave’ campaign feeds this fear.

Those of us working in the arts know the value that culture brings to building safe and happy communities, and that shared values bridge differences. We know it’s the fusion of different ways of thinking and seeing that create positive change.

It’s here that we can make a difference and here that we can contribute to a more tolerant and generous society. For these reasons we believe that continued membership of the European Union is vital.

ISIS Arts and other Culture Action Europe members held a meeting on Friday 22nd January at HOME in Manchester for a cultural response to the EU referendum.

Open Call for Research Residencies

Article posted at 2015-07-14 06:36:05

Deadline: 26th March 2016 5:00pm 

Following our latest artist in residence, Jessica Thompson, we invite new applications for residencies at ISIS Arts. Canadian media artist Jessica Thompson completed her three week long residency at ISIS Arts in June, researching for her new project Borderline, a site-specific investigation of the role of sound in community formation, particularly in areas currently undergoing social change. 

We now invite applications from visual and media artists, UK and beyond, for residencies at ISIS Arts, Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) starting from April 2016. 

This is an opportunity for artists to spend time in self-contained, newly refurbished city centre studio space to research a new project or idea without the constraints of having to necessarily produce a body of work. The residencies start from 3 week periods and range to a maximum of 3 months; the residency period will be agreed with each individual applicant.  

All artists will have access to ISIS Arts equipment, critical support and introduction to arts networks in the region. ISIS Arts will also host an artist talk and networking event for each visiting artist as part of their residency, allowing them to present their work to the wider arts community. 

For the full call and for details on how to apply, please, click here

To read more about our previous residencies, please, click here

HIRE projectors, screens, cameras, media players and much more from us

Article posted at 2013-10-21 09:34:16

Have a look at our latest Equipment hire list - we have new projectors, screens and media players amongst our other rental equipment. 

We can offer competitive quotes and discounts for long-term and bulk hires for artists and arts organisations.  

Have a butchers at what we've got on offer here.

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