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ARTIST TALK: Weds 12th November with artist in residence Cyane Tornatzky

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Come and meet ISIS Arts' new artist in residence, Cyane Tornatzy.

Wednesday 12 November, 6pm

at ISIS Arts, 5 Charlotte Square, NE1 4XF

Join us at ISIS Arts on Wednesday 12 November, 6pm to hear Cyane Tornatzky   talk about her practice and the research she has undertaken during her one-month residency at ISIS Arts. 

Refreshments will be provided. If you would like to reserve a place, please email

Cyane Tornatzky is an artist using digital mediums for creation, documentation and output of her artwork. Tornatzky is a currently based in Colorado as Associate Professor of Electronic Art at Colorado State University.

For her residency at ISIS Arts Tornatzky will create a series of site-specific installations that incorporate performance. Inspired by her previous research on Robert Owen’s New Lanark Mill in South Lanarkshire, Tornatzky will examine the lives and working conditions of historical and contemporary women textile workers. She will also be looking for present-day corollaries to the disenfranchised of the historic Luddite movement. The historical/contemporary duality of the subject matter will be underscored through the use of old and new medias in construction of the installations. Examples of old technologies can include: camera obscura; stereoscopes; mutoscopes, new technologies include digital fabrication techniques coupled with video projection.

Conceptually Tornatzky's work centres around explorations of gender and female socio-political identities. To provide a closer look a the true nature of her subject’s experience Tornatzky often inhabits her subjects worlds through performance – courting bathos as a tool to reveal the underpinnings of our cultural interactions. Output of her work utilises hybridised technologies that combine old and new.

Cyane Tornatzy will share her talk with Piotr Piasta, Berwick Visual Arts  and the Centre for Rural Economy (Newcastle University) new artist in residence. Click here for more details.


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Stephen Hobbs, The Trinity Session 

will talk about SUPERDREAM

a unique collaboration between UK and South African artists

Tuesday 4th November  4-6pm

at ISIS Arts Studios, 5 Charlotte Square, Newcastle, NE1 4XF

The Superdream project set out to question and test the tolerances of public space, in two different parts of the world, with a view on impact and legacy. Through connection, exchange and collaboration, UK and South African artist's were able to explore their own and collective notions of creativity and social change in challenging urban contexts. Two parks became the focus of cultural and artistic experimentation, where site and audience were engaged through varied multi media works, configured to create new experiences and reactions.

Stephen Hobbs from The Trinity Session will reflect on the artistic methods and logics of this exchange relative to art in public space and its capacity to influence urban design and social equality.  Superdream was a unique initiative taking place across two continents, produced by The Trinity Session and ISIS Arts and commissioned by the British Council as part of its Connect ZA programme.  The project connected Jeppe Park in Johannesburg and Windmill Hills Park in Gateshead UK.  Both projects explored urban living, uses of public space and the role that local communities can play in stabilising and redefining public cultural life. The initial event saw 6 UK artists work in Windmill Hills Park to create outdoor interventions that interrogated ideas around the role art can play in public space. In July some of the NE artists joined artists in Johannesburg to present artworks in Jeppe Park as part of a final event. 


We welcome our new artist in residence : Cyane Tornatzky

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We’re thrilled to welcome Cyane Tornatzky as our new artist in residence. Tornatzky is undertaking a month long research residency from mid October to mid November 2014 at ISIS Arts Studio. 

Cyane Tornatzky’s work centres around explorations of gender and female socio-political identities, she uses digital mediums for creation, documentation and output of her artwork, often utilising hybridised technologies that combine old and new. Tornatzky is a currently based in Colorado as Associate Professor of Electronic Art at Colorado State University.

Join us for Tornatzky’s ARTIST TALK on Wednesday 12 November 6pm at ISIS Arts Studio. For more details please click here

CORNERS : Open call for UK based artists

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Artist Xpedition to Puglia, Southern Italy 8-21st December 2014

Bursary: €500 (GBP equivalent) All travel, accommodation and subsistence will be covered

Deadline: Monday 20th October 9am

ISIS Arts invites applications for an international research and development opportunity for up to FOUR UK based artists.

Proposals are invited from practitioners from across the spectrum of visual, media arts and creative technology to participate with international artists as part of a two-week long CORNERS Xpedition to the Puglia region of Southern Italy, 8-21 December 2014. During the Xpedition artists will develop proposals for international co-productions for future European touring and presentation. 

For more details please click here.

CORNERS receives EU support - Large scale grant from Creative Europe

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The transnational Platform “CORNERS – turning Europe inside out” has been awarded a matching grant from EU/Creative Europe, 2014–2018. 

CORNERS is an intercultural artists’ platform, designed and driven by a partnership of cultural institutions at the edges of Europe. 

CORNERS creates opportunities for artists and researchers to produce multidisciplinary contemporary artistic and cultural collaborative projects. The objective is to enable exchange across geographical, political, and economic divisions. Since 2011, more than 50 artists and researchers (and the number grows) have met through CORNERS, as well as more than 30 organizations and institutions as partners and collaborators. Together with new artists and researchers joining the project, they will continue to explore the outskirts of Europe and co-create artistic projects across borders of artistic disciplines in order to bring stories from one corner of Europe into another. Co-creations will be gathered in different places across Europe, where artists and their audiences will inhabit unusual and public spaces, using partners’ cities as their stages: Umeå and Stockholm (SE), Ljubljana (SI), Gdansk (PO), Belgrade (RS), Zagreb and Rijeka (HR), Donostia / San Sebastian (Basque Country, ES), Belfast (Northern Ireland, UK), Middlesbrough and Northumberland (England, UK), and Prizren (Kosovo).

The total budget for the project is 2.566.000 EUR, half of this amount will be covered from Creative Europe, and the other half will be secured from local funds by CORNERS Partners.

The support from Creative Europe programme is giving us the opportunity to continue building our platform, to make it more vivid and diverse. We will continue to connect artists in co-creations, encounter new regions, meet and engage new audiences in arts and culture. For the next 3.5 years, starting from 1 September 2014, eleven partners will work together: Intercult (Sweden), Pogon andDrugo More (Croatia), Exodos (Slovenia), Arts Council Northern Ireland and ISIS Arts (UK), City Culture Institute/Gda?sk (Poland), Donostia/San Sebastián 2016 (Basque Country/Spain), Cultural Centre REX (Serbia), Teatro Pubblico Pugliese (Italy), and DokuFest (Kosovo).

We team up with digital practitioner JEREMIAH ALEXANDER to create a new App for Walker

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ISIS Arts is working with digital practitioner, Jeremiah Alexander to undertake a residency with Newcastle City Council Arts team in Walker (Newcastle upon Tyne). Jeremiah will fuse visual and media art with innovative digital gaming technologies to create a project that explores the heritage and cultural identity of Walker, devised in collaboration with Walker Technology College, Sir Charles Parsons school St. Antony of Padua.

Read all about the project here.....

HIRE projectors, screens, cameras, media players and much more from us

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Have a look at our latest Equipment hire list - we have new projectors, screens and media players amongst our other rental equipment. 

We can offer competitive quotes and discounts for long-term and bulk hires for artists and arts organisations.  

Have a butchers at what we've got on offer here.

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