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The big m app

The Big M app uses augmented reality to bring to life our inflatable mobile exhibition venue, The Big M and it’s immersive screening programme, On the Precipice.

The app was designed by a group of teenagers, who worked closely alongside ISIS and North East based app developers Vector 76. The app uses images from the artist’s films as triggers, when you hovers your device (smartphone or tablet) over each artist image an augmented 3D model of The Big M pops up on screen and allows you to explore the unusual structure and get a glimpse of it’s interior. It is similar to using QR codes! To find one of the trigger images click here.

You can also access loads more info about the tour, the artists and The Big M includingfilm trailers, maps and fun facts.

The Big M app is free to download and is available from Google Play and the App Store now!

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