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Carlos s. alvarez

Carlos S. Alvarez (Denmark)




HUMAN RIGHTS is a short film shot in the Copenhagen metro station, in which the main characters are abandoning shoes on various platforms, trains and escalators. They are initially ignored by passengers but then increasingly trodden on and kicked. By using shoes, Alvarez symbolizes social differences, ethnic diversity, age groups and gender.

HUMAN RIGHTS won The Human Rights Special Mention Award at the 60second Film Competition, Copenhagen, 2012.

Credits: Cinematography: Carlos S. Alvarez, Editing: Anders Dencker Christensen, Color Grading: Boaz Heller. Composer: Greg Brosofske, Writer/Director: Carlos S. Alvarez

Cast: Sebastian Blichfeldt, David Eggers, Per Winbladh Carlsen, Amalie Thygesen, Erich Gerlach, Louise Popowitz

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