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At home in europe the big m european tour | ISIS Arts
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At home in europe the big m european tour

The Big M European tour; Sofia (Bulgaria), Stockholm (Sweden), Bergen (Norway), Riga (Latvia), Newcastle upon Tyne and Berwick upon Tweed (UK).

Showcasing work curated as part of the At Home in Europe international media arts programme, a one-year collaboration between ISIS Arts (UK), BEK (Norway), RIXC (Latvia) and Interspace (Bulgaria).

The programme features films by 15 European artists who have created work around the theme of European identity and asks the question: Can we ever really be At Home in Europe?

At Home in Europe screening programme

Ioana Alexe-Ecker, Untitled, 2005, Germany

Eleni Bagaki, My name is Eleni, 2006, Greece/UK

Arnis Balcus, Arnis Balcus' Latvia 1989-1991, 2006, Latvia

Christian Bermudez, Screensaver, 2006, Costa Rica/Norway

Kristine Briede, Your Voice in Europe, 2005, Latvia

Pete Hindle, Article 39, 2007, UK

Bormir Ilkov, Shoes, 2004, Bulgaria

Rick Niebe, Empire, 2005, Germany

Inaki Lopez Ordonez, Zaandammerplain, 2004, The Netherlands

Sara Rajaei, Charismatic fates & Vanishing dates, 2006, The Netherlands

Linda Saveholt, Linda and Jordani, 2006, Norway

Corinna Schnitt, Hello Ms. Schnitt/Schonen, guten Tag, 1995, Germany

Borislav Stoyanov, Violeta 25, 2006, Bulgaria

Mike Stubbs, Cultural Quarter, 2002, UK

Theodore Tagholm, The Persistence of Vision, 2006, UK

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