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Alexandra crouwers | ISIS Arts
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Alexandra crouwers

Alexandra Crouwers,The White Hide [III], 2013

3 screen, HD video with sound, 5 minutes 20 seconds

Alexandra Crouwer's 'cross-media' works frequently combine apocalyptic, mythological and romantic imagery, using high end visual effects to create animated films which sit somewhere between real and imagined spaces, addressing the multiple landscapes – both actual and digital – that we now navigate. For The Big M, Crouwer has produced The White Hide [III] (2013), which depicts a slow pan through a post-apocalyptic, surreal landscape, from sunrise to sunset; the scene could very well be set on a planet which rotates around its axis in only 5 minutes. Hologram-like elements pop up and disappear again, together with gas-outbursts and volcano eruptions. The subtle soundtrack, comprised of wind, bells and the sound of thunder or explosions, adds to the otherworldly atmosphere.

Alexandra Crouwers (NL, º1974) studied painting at the Academy of Arts and Design in Den Bosch, installation art at the post-graduate Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and Film & Visual Culture at the university of Antwerp.

In her work she uses and combines a wide range of media: photography-based computer imaging, drawings, murals, text, light and (3D) animation. An important component is an ongoing research on the origins of image-making within human cultural evolution, next to an interest in myths, stories, cinema and literature. Architecture and landscapes often function as a representation of a mental space in which the possibilities of visual fiction are explored.

Animations were screened at festivals such as Transmediale in Berlin, Microwave in Hong Kong and the Portable Film Festival in Sidney and Melbourne, Australia. Exhibitions include ‘Hareng Saur: Ensor and Contemporary Art’ at S.M.A.K. in Ghent (B), ‘Visions Fugitives’, Le Fresnoy in Tourcoing (F), ‘Belgian (p)Art’ in De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL) and Art Brussels.

Crouwers also writes articles for Belgian art magazine hARt and short stories, works as an audio-visual and graphic designer, and teaches at MAD Fac (the Media, Arts & Design faculty) of the university of Leuven and Hasselt (B).

She lives and works in Antwerp, Belgium.

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