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Alan smith and andrew wilson

Alan Smith / Andrew Wilson


Alan Smith and Andrew Wilson share a view that arriving at a destination is only a small part of travel and the accumulation of experience and knowledge while journeying will deny a singular response to a journey's end. While traveling their caravan is their home and for a portion of its stay at the Nomadic Village will take on the role of a tourist destination.Through customary booking procedures people will be able to book their stay.

To book the Static Caravan to stay at the Nomadic Village please click here.

Alan Smith operates as a participant/observer; playing with conventional understandings of interpretive and perceived realities. He creates live events, performance to camera and audio/video installations that use appropriated texts, composed sound and imagery to subtly shift the security of normality. He gained his MFA at the University of Massachusetts and is Creative Director and co-founder of Allenheads Contemporary Arts.

Andrew Wilson was born into a catholic household outside of London in the early summer of 1982, by age 13 he had abandoned his religious education in favor of football & beer until a brief spell of fishing in 2002. Since attaining a certificated Fine Art education Andrew has shaped a practice-led curiosity working alongside and in collaboration with Art institutions, rural communities, Mental Healthcare organisations, daytime disco’s and downtown shoppers. In his search of pasture Andrew currently remains living and working from Newcastle upon Tyne.

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