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Superdream Johannesburg | ISIS Arts
Superdream Johannesburg

Superdream Johannesburg

SUPERDREAM in Jeppe Park Johannesburg

The final Superdream event came to Jeppe Park, Johannesburg on Saturday 19 July. Superdream showcased collaborative artworks by UK and South African artists, who spectacularly transformed Jeppe Park for one night through a series of creative interventions.

North East based artists, Sean Cotterill, Mariam Rezaei, Andrea Masala, Richard Glynn, Lucy Carolan and Marek Gabrysch worked in Johannesburg with a group of local artists, Black Screen Collectiveto develop artworks that respond to Jeppe Park and the community that use it.

The artists animated the park with a series video projections, interactive installations, dance, photography, spoken word and sound installations which people were invited to experience as they moved around the park.

Superdream is a unique initiative taking place across two continents, commissioned by the British Council as part of its Connect ZA programme. The project connected Jeppe Park in Johannesburg and Windmill Hills Park in Gateshead UK. Both projects explored urban living, uses of public space and the role that local communities can play in stabilising and redefining public cultural life. The initial event saw six UK artists work in Windmill Hills Park to create outdoor interventions thatinterrogated ideas around the role art can play in public space.Their work was inspired by the park and the people that use it.

“The Superdream project operates on two levels. Firstly, as an collaborative art project between working artists and communities in South Africa and the UK - exploring the notion of what constitutes art in an urban situation, and secondly, as a platform for social engagement - mobilising young people in under-resourced and underdeveloped areas to unlock their creative ideas,”

Tom Porter, Head of Arts, British Council South Africa

The Superdream project is commissioned by the British Council as part of their Connect ZA programme. The programme, which initiates and supports cultural connections between young people aged 18-35 in the UK and South Africa, is part of the SA-UK Seasons 2014-2015. Superdream is produced by The Trinity Session and Sticky Situations (Johannesburg), ISIS Arts and The Swallows Foundation (Newcastle).

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