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Ever Wanted To Be Someone Else? - WORKSHOP | ISIS Arts
Ever Wanted To Be Someone Else? - WORKSHOP

Ever Wanted To Be Someone Else? - WORKSHOP

Ever Wanted To Be Someone Else? - WORKSHOP

Documentation Exchange Experiment

Thursday 26June 2014

Every day each of us leaves multiple traces of our actions; whenever we pay for things, use the internet or even just carry our mobile phone. Tricking these systems can be complex and time consuming. Maybe we can find a short cut?

Simon Farid is an artist interested in the relationship between administrative identity and the body it purports to codify and represent. A quick Google search will, of course, reveal where he lives, works, what he looks like and information about other people with whom he shares his name.

We joined Simon for a day of identity experimentation, involving workshops and collective discussions in which we looked at and analysed different aspects of our identity; from the ways we present ourselves to the contents of our wallets. In the afternoon we put some of these discussions to the test, arranging a temporary ‘wallet swap’ with the other participants for some off-site investigations…

Produced with support from 'Imprints: Public responses to identity management practices and technologies'. Having been initially developed at 'Wander', a residency programme based in The Hague, Netherlands.

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