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Zuzana Hruskova | ISIS Arts
Zuzana Hruskova

Zuzana Hruskova

Zuzana Lola Hruskova is a Slovakian artist based in the North East,: she joined ISIS for a 3-week research residency in 2008.

Zuzana has been creating short videos, films and reportages for 6 years based on 'rare private moments' she happens to encounter. While at ISIS, Zuzana worked on a fictional documentary called 'Rosemary's Babies'. It explores the relationship of a couple who run a flea-market selling artificial babies.

"My work isn't about capturing for the sake of hope. I do not try to envisage the immortal of information, not at all. To me, camera or any lens-based medium embodies the approximation. It doesn't allow me entering the subject completely - it only allows me to de-composite peoples privacy, sociality, etc. I find it precious being approximate, but not an exact. When I photograph or film, I like walking around the 'victim' like a lost dog, predator - not being able to reach the target. That's what keeps me excited. I also think it is great to make things up for the sake of world, beauty or self-recreation. The image-culture same as the viewers need facing different realities from those they already occupy. Fortunately, people always want to know what the truth is and art supplies us with that. I do art to defend myself and many times, I go among people to be alone."

Zuzana Hruskova

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