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Christopher Coleman | ISIS Arts
Christopher Coleman

Christopher Coleman

Culture Lab and ISIS ArtswelcomedChristopher Coleman astheir joint artist in residence in autumn 2012.Christopher is an Associate Professor in Digital Media Studies at the University of Denver.

Christopher spent time researching and prototyping his new project, Scienmograph.

During his stay Chris worked with RAL Space (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) to harness real time scientific data. Chris is now working towards designing objects that will visualise real time data and be available as open source DIY kits. Read about Chris's progress on hisblog.

Scienmograph is a series of data visualization cultural objects that are connected to the internet and can actively display dynamic realtime information.

Scienmoraph will tap into the multiplestreams of information already online from various research institutions, reacting to the cycles and impacts of the research happening across the globe.

Over the last several years data visualization has become an important way to decipher the massive volumes of information saved and broadcasted by our digitally entrenched lives. By tapping into the very powerful visual pattern recognition parts of our minds, data visualization enables us to see the emergence of trends, evolutions, and relationships that would otherwise remain hidden in spreadsheets. Christopher will take this idea several steps further by creating visualizations that have an evolving physical presence.

The form of each customized object will be inspired by the data it represents, with the objects presenting the information streams in a readable way, becoming a beautiful merger of aesthetics and content. The design ofthe devices will become “open source”, with the goal of making them affordable for schools, libraries and other public spaces of knowledge.


Click here to download slides

“With the advent of mobile phones, we all carry devices in our pocket that are synched to a global time and thus the classic wall mounted clock has started to become extinct. I am hoping to replace that icon with another. I am interested in how throughout time we have hung things on our walls to remind us of our past, the things we hope for, the things we have faith in. I want to create new glowing and changing 21st century icons that bring a sense of wonder and awe about the future we are all creating together…..a series of ever-changing icons for our age; a time of deep, dynamic discovery.”

Christopher Coleman on the concept behind Scienmograph


Christopher Coleman resides in Denver, CO and is an Associate Professor at the University of Denver. He received his BFA in his native state from West Virginia University in 2001 and his MFA from New York State University at Buffalo in 2003. A number of his undergraduate years were devoted to studying Mechanical Engineering, knowledge that he brings to bear in his installations. His work includes sculptures, performances and videos as well as interactive installations. Coleman was twice a participant in the VIPER Basel Festival in Switzerland and has had his work in exhibitions in Singapore, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Germany, France, China, the UK, Latvia and 14 other countries. Domestically his work has been shown at more than 40 events and festivals, Spaces Gallery in Cleveland, the Albright Knox in Buffalo NY, and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art to name a few. In 2009 he received the Metropolis Art Prize Grand Prize and had his work featured in Times Square NYC. His software project (in collaboration with Ali Momeni) called Maxuino has been downloaded by 20,000 by people in 110 countries and is used in classrooms and artworks across the globe.

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