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Sneha Solanki | ISIS Arts
Sneha Solanki

Sneha Solanki

Sneha Solanki joined ISIS in 2008 for a research residency to continue her work on 'Field Recordings', an on-going piece which actively seeks territorial material from the information space of military communications.

Sneha used the residency to reflect on the project and initiate the development of an archival infrastructure to bring together all current research from Field Recordings.

Field Recordings

An investigation into the invisible, hidden and psycologically closed space of the ‘other’ militarised landscape.

Using National Grid coordinates this research project tours to functioning and speculative closed military locations to investigate, detect and record the unseen and unheard emitted from these sites as an ecology of the pervasive, mythical and material.

In the form of radiation - radio, radar and high frequency line of site transmissions, Field Recordings actively seeks and translates a terrain of electromagnetic activity into aural readings and also as data.

These sites vary in their level of communications, - some are specific for functioning of the day to day, for example communication with jets, and 'air to air' communcation, whilst others hold much more specific intentions and are infamous for this; sites which can only be described as 'imaginery'.

To date, Sneha has made a number of journeys to around 16 sites, all in the UK, many in Scotland. Scotland, ideally situated for the remote placement of sites, is less inhabited and also geographically sites are strategically placed for clear trajectories across the atlantic, and North sea.

See Sneha Solanki's website here.

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