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Dane Watkins | ISIS Arts
Dane Watkins

Dane Watkins

Dane Watkins joined ISIS throughout March 2012 to take part in our research residency programme. Dane is currently based in Bristol and lead artist on the Whose Data? project at Knowle West Media Centre.

While at ISIS Dane worked on 'Iconikit', an identikit approach for users to create an iconic profile of how they'd like to be seen on the web.

Dane experimented with registration processes by building an online profile builder (Iconikit) that challenges the reductive nature of data capture in form filling. This wouldn't be a corporate solution to marketing but an artwork critically engaged with the survey and how technology shapes our lives.

The profile builder would create a composite image like an identikit, but instead of photographs Iconikit would use a database of curious drawings that expand upon the usually limited options within questionnaires.

Forms by their very nature are limited and try to reduce complexity into byte sized chunks that are manageable. This can be challenged, as in the 2001 England and Wales census when 390,127 people declared their religion to be Jedi. Dane would like to build upon this example and find even more ways for people to create a definition of themselves.

Join us for Dane's artist talk: click here for more details.

About Dane Watkins

Dane is currently lead artist on the Whose Data? project at Knowle West Media Center. Whose Data is an artistic investigation into how local communities can make the most of their data streams. Dane is currently developing Electric Footprint a data visualisation of energy use that enables the householder to see their energy use over hours, days and months and compare it to their neighbours. He is also working with Toshiba to develop the interface for android tablets.

Dane's work is a research-based, studio practice that examines how conventional drawing and animation practices can be developed and shown in digital environments such as the web or a computer driven installation. In the past few years Dane has developed a body of drawings and animations shaped by his response to a culture in which there is both an excess of imagery and a homogenisation of visual language.

Dane trained in animation at Liverpool Polytechnic (graduating in 1993), concentrating on hand drawn animation for film. Since then he has developed work through using vector-based digital tools, undertaking commissions and residencies, and by distributing work online. Expanding programming skills has allowed Dane to develop his practice by allowing him to work experimentally with timelines in his drawing and animation.

For more info on Dane Watkins.

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