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CORNERS North East Xpedition March 16-30th | ISIS Arts

CORNERS North East Xpedition March 16-30th

Article posted at 2015-03-11 13:24:09

After the successful launch of CORNERS in Newcastle on 3rd March, we are excited to welcome a large group of 30 European artists and producers for the CORNERS North East Xpedition, taking place between 16th and 30th March. 


Over the next two weeks artists from various geographical, social, political and artistic backgrounds will be connecting with local people from communities in Middlesbrough, Newbiggin-by-the-sea, Blyth, Ashington and Newcastle.  They will be researching projects to reveal the hidden, the silent or forgotten, sharing stories to expose the threads that connect us. The work created over the next few months, as part of this research phase, will be later presented in public places, where this kind of work is not often shown and to people who don’t often have the chance to experience contemporary art within their neighbourhoods.


The Artists who will be coming to our region:

Helena Wikström - Sweden

Helena is a visual artists and curator, living and working in Umeå, north of Sweden and director at the White Cube gallery.  She uses various media such as photograpy, installation and painting to examine structures in society.

Siniša Labrovic - Croatia

Siniša is a freelance performance artist who lives in Zagreb.  He has worked with visual arts since 2000, exhibiting all over Croatia and abroad in Belgrade, Ljublijana, Carlisle, Reykjavik, Regensburg, Dundee, Istanbul, Venice, Budapest, Berlin, Prague, Dresedn and Lodz.

Davor Sanvincenti  - Croatia

Davor is a multimedia artist from Croatia whose work incorporates uses of film and video, photography, physical light and sound installations and live media performances.  His work has been widely exhibited internationally.

Juan Aizpitarte - Basque Country

Juan is a multidisciplinary artist making video and installations using performance, graphics, sound, sculpture, video and photography.  He explores urban issues within public spaces questioning the contemporary world through social activism, participatory processes and media interventions.

Saadia Hussain - Sweden/Pakistan 

 In her role as artistic director, Saadia has led 18 collective mural art projects with over 1500 participants of all ages in Stockholm.  The projects have a strong emphasis on accessibility, democracy, participation and freedom of expression in public space.

Lalya Gaye - UK/Sweden

Lalya is an artist, designer and engineer based in the UK where she runs the collaborative digital media art practice Attaya Projects.  She builds interactive art installations working with sound, light, metal, electronics and urban space

Ixone Ormaetxe - Spain

Ixone was born in Bilbao and is a visual artist who uses writing, painting, sculpture and drawing.  She takes art out onto the streets and works with the public on a range of participatory projects 

Nedyalko Delchev - Sweden/Bugaria

Nedyalko is a theatre director.  His artistic work ranges from staging of old masters like Gogol and Shakespeare to collaborating with innovative contemporary authors.  He is a scriptwriter for theatre and film, as well as maker of small-scale sculpture

Maciej Salamon - Poland 

Maciej is a visual artist, freelance graphic designer, illustrator and founder member, vocalist and text-writer of Gówno (the first Polish rodeo punk rock band).

Asier Zablaleta - Basque Country

Asier was born in Ezkio (Gipuzkoa) and left the University of fine Art at the second year to study dance and theatre in San Sebastian, Bilbao and Zürich, before he joined the Swiss company ALIAS (Geneva).

Michael Hanna - Northern Ireland

Michael is a visual and media artist based in Belfast, completing his MFA at the University of Ulster.  He builds audio-visual installations using sound, vedio, collage and sculpture.

Valeria Simone - Italy

Valeira is a playwright and director with a Phd in Contemproary Philosophy.  In the last ten years she has written plays about socially marginalized women, as prisoners and victims of trafficking for seual exploitation.

Miha Horvat - Slovenia

Miha studied ethnology and cultural anthropology at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and is currently completing a Phd in philosophy and theory of visual culture.  He is a film director and animator showing his work in exhibitions and festivals in Europe and USA.

Simon Farid - UK

Simon is a visual artist interested in the relationship between administrative identity and the body it purports to codify and represent.  Taking on the role of a hacker or trickster he loost to playfully intervene in the identity-generation process, operating as ‘other people’.

Gianfranco Mirizzi - Italy/Croatia

Gianfranco is an Italian visual artist living and working in Rijecka, Croatia.  His is an architect, musician and new media artist, who uses immersive interactive and self generative installations within public settings.

Riccardo Spagnulo - Italy

Riccardo is playwright and actor. Since 2006, he has traveled across Italy and Europe with the company Fibre Parallele, performing own shocking and ironic plays.

Maria Anastassiou - UK/Cyprus

Maria is an artist filmaker, originally from Cyprus, now based in London. Her practice uses analogue, digital and archival materials across platforms from gallery to cinematic, documentary and participation.

Sara Gamorro - Italy 

Sara is and Italian soprano, composer and stage diretor.  She has performed the Italian and world premieres of many new scores and taken part in the creation of many contemporary theratre, dance and art workds, performing all over Italy and the USA

Miloš Tomic - Serbia

Miloš is a multimedia artist using film, photography, collages and sculpture.  He has workded over 20 years as an independent filmaker and collaboratied with filmmakers, visual artists, musicians as well as with pepel on the margind of society

Julie Myers - UK

Julie is an interdisciplinary artist working with photography, film, audio, drawing, installation and digital media.  Her work forms a response to people and place; with projects developed through collaborative and participatory projects with communities and individuals.

Boyan Mucko - Croatia

Boyan studied philosophy, ethnology and cultural anthropology in Zagreb and has a Masters degree in new media art.  He delivers interdisciplinary projects, which explore the boundaries between contemporary art ad urban anthropology.

Lucyna Kolend - Poland

Lucyna is an animator born in Gdansk, Poland.  She studied and the University of Arts and Industrial Design in Linz (Austria, and graduated with honors in 2012 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

Elvin Flamingo - Poland

Elvin is a visual artist who studied at the faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.  He is a founder and leader of Onion Centre Club, an absurdist movement and musical group.

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