Artist Talk at Culture Lab Wed 6th April 6-8pm - In the future everyone is an artist

Article posted at 2011-03-23 16:18:37

'In the future everyone is an artist: Personal Fabrication and the future of open culture'

Come to meet and hear about the work of 'Nortd' aka. Addie & Stefan, who are the first residents of ISIS Arts & Culture Lab joint research residency programme.
    •    What will happen when creation and design is no longer culturally inhibited?                
    •    And why should the knowledge behind art, science and technology be free?
As rapid fabrication technologies become cheaper and more readily available, society will re-invent their understanding of everyday objects and their relationship with a consumption based culture. The promise of rapid personal fabrication is that in time there will be no need for massive investments in tooling or outsourcing, this is very analogous to the way the laser printer removed the need for printing presses and movable type. We will explore methods of personal fabrication, what we are doing with it and ways it is being used by artist, hackers and researchers and what future might look like.

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