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'Nortd' are coming to Newcastle for ISIS Arts & Culture Lab's first joint research residency | ISIS Arts

'Nortd' are coming to Newcastle for ISIS Arts & Culture Lab's first joint research residency

Article posted at 2011-03-23 16:05:26

Nortd aka Addie and Stefan is a research and development studio based in New York generating work in the field of art, architecture and system design. It is a studio-based incubator of creative thought engaging the overlap between science and design. 

While in residence at Culture Lab/ISIS Arts Nortd will be working on the Lasersaur, an open source laser cutter. Nortd are engaged in a marathon to push personal fabrication towards a mainstream movement that will eventually change how we design, produce, and consume our everyday objects.

“We create objects, interfaces and installations the same way we write software: engineer like architects and write like poets. Seemingly contradictory it makes sense when seeing software as a form of wizardry. The outcome is highly effective but the association with other areas of expertise is enigmatic. At its core, it is a language for describing actions much like the spells in fairytales. It is as if your entire childhood nobody told you there was software behind the curtain. The language of code has metalinguistic abstractions. These layers of interfaces are created on the fly, manifested by code. It's like any natural language that evolves- just magnitudes faster. Not only does this make software a way of comprehending, but it also has the ability to shift ideas beyond the realm of theoretical wizardry. Time to whip the magic out!

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