Visualising the Future: Crafting Visualisations of the World to Come

Visualising the Future: Crafting Visualisations of the World to Come

Visualising the Future:Crafting Visualisations of the World to Come

Living Lab / Workshop

Thursday 23rd May 2013,4-7pm

The Big M, The Toffee Factory, Lower Steenbergs Yard, Ouseburn, NE1 2DF

A collaboration between Culture Lab (Newcastle University) and ISIS Arts.

Visualisations are selective representations of reality. As we create a visualisation, the subject matter is as much our own perspective as it is the data. When developing a visualisation that is based on not-yet evidenced data but on prognostications, our anticipations and desires materialise in concrete forms. Resonating Friedman’s notion of value-sensitive design (1996), this workshop aims to explore the potential of visualisations to envision futures that participants would like to live in and experience.

The starting point of any visualisation is usually data collected from the past. In this workshop the participants explore the potential to use visualisation tools to forecast potential versions of the future. The workshop engages participants with the relationship between visions of the future and personal values. The emphasis is on how visualisation can be a powerful way to reveal values that have not been made explicit by the participants, in contrast with a more descriptive, narrative account of the future.

By inviting people to select which kind of data facets they want to consider in their own visions of the future, the visualisation will be turned into an indicator of values, hopes, and fears associated with personal or global phenomena. Participants will use imaginary data and paper prototyping to explore the topic through tangible means using a variety of materials and basic tools to build exchange and critically discuss physical representations of their own visions of the future.

The workshop is free and aimed at students, creative practitioners and researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds, with an interest in visualisation.

Workshop organisers: Gabriella Arrigoni, Marian Dork, Bettina Nissen, Tom Schofield and Brigitta Zics.Project leaders: Peter Wright and Brigitta Zics.

The workshop will take place in The Big M – ISIS Arts’ inflatable mobile exhibition venue, which will be situated next to the Toffee Factory - contemporary office spaces for the creative and digital industries, in a refurbished sweet factory in the Ouseburn area of Newcastle.

For details on how to take part please visit our opportunities page.

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