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crISIS | ISIS Arts


crISIS- Commissions and Residencies at ISIS

crISISis an international programme of commissions and residencies with ISIS Arts in partnership with regional, national and international collaborators. The 2 year programme will offerthe space for artists to, explore, question and present this transitional world from pre crisis to post crisis. crISIS will provide international exposure to UK artists and UK based collaboration opportunities for visiting International artists.

crISIS will begin in 2014, for more details please join our mailing list.


People are living longer, the natural resources are running out, and the jobs are becoming scarce, these conditions are not all reversible. There is no going back.

Like other crises we have faced in history this crisis needs to be understood as a period of transition - a transition from one set of norms to another.

To negotiate our way through this transition we need the skills and mindset to think creatively.

We need to build on society’s less intangible shared assets of welfare, human rights, environmental sustainability and freedoms of expression to navigate our new paths.

At a time when the arts are being marginalized across Europe, artists are revealing and questioning our impoverished world, and instead of waiting to be impacted they are, as they have often been in history, the agents of change.

Artists internationally are responding to the crises and this international programme will give expression to a pan European and beyond exploration of artists’ ideas and interventions.

Our crises are multiple and shared and this project will consider ‘our ‘identity crisis’, ‘Environmental Crisis, and ‘Ethical crisis’ as we engage artists from around the world to create work, and share platforms for dialogue on these topics.

This is an inherently international project as we build on our expertise in the field of international collaboration to develop and deliver a two-year programme encompassing artists residencies, commissions and exhibition tours.

It follows a progression of international development time and research residencies leading to productions and commissions. It brings international artists to the UK and supports UK artists to be part of international programmes abroad.

Throughout the project artists will consider parallel and intertwined threads of:

Identity Crisis – encompassing geo and political identity in a world of changing borders and borderless technology;

Economic Crisis – its effect on our identities and exploration of new models and partnerships for artistic practice

a Crisis of Ethics – and our use of technologies to not only mediate our world, but also fundamentally change its fabric

and finally, the Environmental Crisis, and our legacies for future generations

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