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Scott Hessels | ISIS Arts
Scott Hessels

Scott Hessels

ISIS welcomed Scott Hessels for one of our international research residencies. He joined us from Hong Kong from 22nd June until 18th July 2011.

During his time at ISIS Scott produced six prototypes for kinetic artworks that use force and movement in nature as an integral part of their form. We're interested in developing these new ideas with partners. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss this further.

The six prototypes can be viewed here. Renderings by Alexander Davies.

"Under the name of 'Mediated Earthworks', I hope to continue a tradition of using the wilderness as inspiration, medium and power—interpreting the landscape through art via sensing technologies. New media is capable of introducing new types of environmental agency in sculptural, visual, cinematic, and narrative construction. Sites will be ‘read’ using new computational sensors to measure hidden phenomena and collect scientific data. These phenomena will become the interactive driver in artworks that are inextricably linked to the natural features of the sites.The natural landscape will be a formal property of the work."

Scott Hessels

Scott Hessels is an internationally recognized filmmaker and media artist who merges cinema with new technologies to create innovative media experiences. Over 30 years, he has released artworks in several different media including film, video, web, music, broadcast, print, kinetic sculpture, and performance. His films have shown in hundreds of international film festivals and his new media installations have been presented in exhibitions around the world including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, CiberArt in Bilbao, Ars Electronica, The Ford Presidential Museum, SIGGRAPH, ISEA, and Japan's Media Art Festival as well as being included in several books on new media art and in magazines like Wired and Discover.

His recent projects have mixed film with sensors, robotics, GPS systems, and alternative forms of interactivity and have included partnerships with NASA, The Federal Aviation Administration and Nokia among others. His current series are types of experimental cinema generating systems--players. These pieces include movies generated through topology ("Mulholland Drive"), environmental data ("Brakelights"), data sets ("Celestial Mechanics"), and viewer location and movement ("GPSFilm"). He has also designed cinema players that are powered with sustainable energy sources ("The Image Mill"). He is currently an associate professor at The School of Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong.For more information, see Scott's site.

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