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Kate Rich and Kayle Brandon | ISIS Arts
Kate Rich and Kayle Brandon

Kate Rich and Kayle Brandon

Kayle and Kate joined ISIS in 2007 to'wild-crafting' their own cola from an on-line open source recipe, involving home lab experimentation, merging domestic and scientific techniques. They set up a temporary cola production lab on ISIS premises and used the residency to begin research into social opportunities for a new artist led soft drink.

Cube-Cola is available over the bar at the Cube Microplex Bristol,

and is distributed in concentrate form via mail order.

ORDER HERE - Cube-Cola kit

MERCHANDISE - Posters and *NEW* the Tea Towel

More Information:

The Recipe (last update October 2008)

Lab pictures: 11/07/07. Cube-Cola occupation, Isis Arts Newcastle

Previous lab: 01/04/07. Cube volunteers cube cola production line

Ingredients / Finance


Service Environments

Mobile Lab

Single serving cube cola

Original Ingredients / Recipe

Notes on Making Cola (Issue 2) By Richard Grove



collaborations and partnerships

Cube Cola in New Delhi, India

ENQUIRIES: cola@sparror.cubecinema.com

TRACKING: feral trade courier

Lab History:

20/10/06: Mass Production again

13/05/06: Mass Production

20/03/06: Endurance Results

03/02/06: Endurance Testing

09/01/06: Composition B Drama

22/12/05: BRAUN vs BOSCH

04/12/05: Testing Braun Mixer

28/11/05: Batch 4, Postal Recipe

24/11/05: Return to Batch 3

22/09/05: Stokesly High Street Meeting

06/09/05: Instant Gum Arabic Success

03/09/05: Tasting Competitors

25/07/05: Gum Arabic Despair

07/06/05: Progress

06/06/05: Bosch Mixer

28/04/05: Consultation and Emulsifcation Report

11/08/04: Emulsification Failure

Lab unknown handwhisk

Lab unknown Matt Grey

12/03: 1st Lab at the Microplex

Ingredient Profiles:


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