Jorn Ebner

Jorn Ebner

Jorn Ebner joined ISIS for a 3-week research residency in January 2008. While at ISIS Jorn developed an audio project for browser called:

(the tender indifference)

It is a series of audio works based on field recordings from the artist's flat in Newcastle upon Tyne, 2007 and 2008. The recordings have been screened for their musicality and condensed into short musical works. Listen and view (the tender indifference) here.

(the tender indifference) consists of nine songs, which are accompanied by self-activating photographic sequences in the browser, and lasts about 15 mins with a fast connection. At the end, the browser will revert back the usual viewing mode.

Listen to audio feed here

See online here

Requirements: speakers, a fast connection; Flash 6 player; Javascript and Pop-ups enabled.
Browser update: Safari works fine. Please note that Firefox requires manual adjustments; On PCs only IE6.

In relation to this work, he wrote a text for The Thing Hamburg in 2007, entitled "Zaungastieren".

Visit Jorn Ebner's website here.

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