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Cyane Tornatzky | ISIS Arts
Cyane Tornatzky

Cyane Tornatzky

Cyane Tornatzkyundertook a month long research residency at ISIS Arts from mid October to mid November 2014. Cyane Tornatzky is an artist using digital mediums for creation, documention and output of her artwork. Tornatzky is a currently based in Colorado as Associate Professor of Electronic Art at Colorado State University.

For her residency at ISIS Arts Tornatzky created a series of site-specific artworks. Inspired by her previous research on Robert Owen’s New Lanark Mill in South Lanarkshire, Tornatzky examined the lives and working conditions of historical and contemporary women textile workers. She searched for present-day corollaries to the disenfranchised of the historic Luddite movement. The historical/contemporary duality of the subject matter was underscored through the use of old and new medias in construction of the works. Examples of old technologies include: camera obscura; stereoscopes; mutoscoptes, new technologies include digital fabrication techniques coupled with video projection.

Conceptually Tornatzky's work centres around explorations of gender and female socio-political identities. To provide a closer look a the true nature of her subject’s experience Tornatzky often inhabits her subjects worlds through performance – courting bathos as a tool to reveal the underpinnings of our cultural interactions. Output of her work utilizes hybridized technologies that combine old and new.

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