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Jen Southern | ISIS Arts
Jen Southern

Jen Southern

Jen Southern joined ISIS for a research residency through October 2011. Jen is currently based in Huddersfield.

Title: Diving into Data and learning to swim with it

Proposal: To explore the data produced by our locative media application ‘comob’ through

visualizations, drawings, walks and animations.

"Since 2009 I have been developing a new piece of locative media software, working with programmers, running workshops and going on walks. A database of information has been growing and multiplying quietly in the background. What to do with all this data? How is it part of my art practice? How can it be liberated from the dark shell of a hard drive and spill out onto the page, the floor or the street as artworks?"

Jen Southern

Artist Statement

My practice is process‐based and participatory, exploring art practice as a social process. I often work collaboratively and have a social approach to working with audiences to explore location, technology and sense of place. From learning to fly a light aircraft to making videogame clothing the work is experimental and plays with the idea of what it might mean to inhabit media. In collaboration with other artists, technologists or members of the public I work with hybrid places as lived environments.

My practice sits between art practice and social research. I am currently doing an

interdisciplinary PhD at Lancaster University, based in the sociology department. I am

interested in how networked and locative technologies produce hybrid places in which we

are both absent and present, in which we pay attention to both local and distant people and places. Following a satellite map on a mobile phone is a good example, we are present both imaginatively in the map and physically in our surroundings, in a sense we are inhabiting both the technology and the landscape. In installations and walking projects I engage with the physical presence of local environments that are also entangled with distant communications. These works are explorations of the idea of virtual presence through mobile technologies.

Through commissions, exhibitions and residencies I produce installations, performances and websites to explore how new technologies influence the way we inhabit an environment. I have also collaborated with industry and academia on the development of new tools for

collaborative mapping.

For more info,visit Jen's website.

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