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Networks | ISIS Arts


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The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange bring together creative sector businesses and connect them with digital designers, major corporations and leading researchers in the Arts and Humanities. The Creative exchange is lead by Lancaster University in partnership with Newcastle University and the Royal College of Art, and delivered in collaboration with Future Everything. CX create new products, experiences and business opportunities which empower anyone, anywhere to access, explore and create with the newly accessible collections of media, public information and data trails which form the digital public space.  ISIS is a creative sector business partner of the CX and is currently working with Culture Lab, Newcastle University and CX researchers.  

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Creative Links

Creative Links is an affiliation of cultural and creative originations and businesses that is connected to an ESF transnational project focusing on skills and employability in the renewable industries. ISIS has been an early partner and steering group member of this North East of England and Region of Västra Götealand, network. This Anglo/Swedish network has led to the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two regions and a number of creative collaborations. In August 2012, ISIS was one of the first regional arts organisations to deliver a collaborative project at Göteborg Kulurkalas (culture festival) with a jointly curated programme of artist film and video addressing Human Rights. 

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Contemporary Visual Arts Network

The Contemporary Visual Arts Network (formerly Turning Point Network) is a series of coordinated regional groups of contemporary visual arts professionals involving around 2,000 individuals and several hundred organisations and is committed to supporting collaboration and collective action to strengthen the sector. It represents a diverse and vibrant ecology embracing a broad range of artistic and curatorial practice. The Network brings together its members to create a platform for collaboration and exchange so that they can share ideas and resources, improve their ability to deliver their work, and shape the future.  ISIS Arts is a member of the CVAN North East Steering Group playing a visual arts specific role and we jointly delivered a lab in May 2011 to explore issues affecting the mobility of visual artists into and out of Europe. To learn more visit the CVAN website.

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Culture Action Europe (CAE)

Culture Action Europe is an advocacy organisation that promotes arts and culture as a building block of the European project. CAE aims to influence European policies for better access to culture across Europe and beyond by providing information and analysis on the European Union, offering cultural actors a space to discuss common positions, and develop advocacy actions towards policymakers.  CAE’s mission to help cultural operators work together and organise their political representation is driven by the belief that access to art is a right of every citizen and investment in public art is key to a more cohesive Europe.  ISIS Arts’ Co-Director Clymene Chrisoforou sits on the executive committee of Culture Action Europe. To learn more visit CAE’s website.

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International Newcastle

International Newcastle is a new network organisation. Their aim is to improve life chances and promote inclusion, community relations and socio-economic development in Newcastle. They do this by developing and supporting international interactions in the fields of community activity, education, arts, culture and sports. ISIS sits on the board of International Newcastle. To find out more visit the International Newcastle website.

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Newcastle LSP Culture Partnership

The Newcastle Culture Partnership is the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) for Newcastle and brings together a range of public, private, community and voluntary sector groups to influence regional cultural policy.  The Partnership enables different arts and culture initiatives and services to support one another so that they can work together more effectively. The Newcastle Partnership is responsible for producing and delivering Newcastle's Local Area Agreement and Sustainable Community Strategy, of which the regional Cultural Strategy is a part. To learn more visit the Newcastle LSP’s website

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The Visual Arts and Galleries Association (VAGA)

The Visual Arts and Galleries Association aims to influence the external and strategic context for the visual arts, meeting the needs of the visual arts sector, and providing leadership and support to those working in the sector. As a community of interest VAGA’s shared expertise and high level advocacy secures a greater recognition and value for the visual arts across the UK. To learn more visit VAGA’s website

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Res Artis

Res Artis is a worldwide network of residential art programs, dedicated to promoting over 300 centers, organisations, and individuals in over 50 countries. Member organisations of Res Artis provide artists, curators, and creative people with residency opportunities framed within unique geographic and cultural contexts.  Through Res Artis member organisations can engage with a global community of colleagues engaged in dialogue through face-to-face meetings as well as online.  Since 1993, through the volunteer efforts of the Board of Directors, partners and friends, Res Artis has grown to become the largest network of its kind, promoting the role of residential art programs as a vital part of the contemporary arts world, stimulating the creative development and mobility of artists, and furthering intercultural understanding. To learn more visit Res Artis’s website.

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Intersections generates critical dialogue about public art practice and develops pioneering practice-based and theoretical research in this area. Intersections is a project which links Fine Art at Newcastle University with the wider cultural sector through events, research and generating debate. Drawing together practitioners, theorists, sector organisations, policy makers and the wider public, Intersections examines issues arising from the creative friction inherent in the interaction of public art practice, policy and public space. Intersections promotes its ethos of collaboration by working with artists and organisations outside the University to host events and develop research projects on carefully selected themes.  Clymene Christoforou, ISIS Arts’ Co-Director, sits on the Advisory Group of Intersections.

To learn more visit Intersections’ website.

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Digital Women’s Network

The Digital Women’s Network supports women to develop their digital skills in their professional and personal lives.  The network links organisations and individuals so that women working with digital media can better access the support, training and contacts they need to progress in the growing digital industry.  The Digital Women’s Network provides support and advice, a platform to showcase work, contacts, a route to training and development a directory bringing together people and projects and a voice to lobby. The Digital Women's Network was formed by women keen to increase the number of women involved in digital activities across the North East. To learn more visit Digital Women’s Network website

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